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Sadyrbaeva Galiya


Sadyrbaeva Galiya - teacher of English.

Place of work: specialized gymnasium No. 8 training in three languages named after M. Kh. Dulati Shymkent, South-Kazakhstan region.

Category: highest.

In 2014, she graduated from the teacher training program under the first (advanced) level program within the framework of the level-based programs for upgrading the qualifications of the teaching staff of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Pedagogical experience: 38 years.

 Садырбаева Г Students of Galiya study and work in many countries of the world (USA, Great Britain, France, Australia, Finland, China, Malaysia, etc.)

  Galiya is a creative teacher who is able to identify and precisely formulate a specific pedagogical task, to determine the conditions for its solution and to attract colleagues and students

   Giving her knowledge to her students, Galiya Usmanovna is working to develop the professional skills of teachers in the school, region and republic, being the trainer of the ETTE project of the British Council at the British Embassy in Kazakhstan. From 2008 to 2012 after attending professional trainings in Romania and Nepal, she trained 180 English teachers, 32 English language trainers, 56 mentors-teachers of different subjects.

  Having graduated from the level courses in 2014, Galiya headed the work of the interdisciplinary professional pedagogical community of Gymnasium No. 8. The main direction of the community's work is the integration of 7 modules in the framework of introducing polygamy and increasing the functional literacy of students.

Сертификат  In the course of determining the results and determining the degree of effectiveness of the implemented transformations in the practical activity of the teacher in integrating the seven modules of training into a single educational process, the planning and goal-setting questions are brought to the fore, of which priority is the following:

- Assisting colleagues in implementing effective learning through coaching and mentoring processes.

- Formation of personal comprehension of the problems of teaching and the importance of using the seven modules of instruction for activating the cognitive activities of students and high quality of education.- Creation of a methodical coin box for receptions at different stages of the lesson, and development of a diagnostic tool for determining the effectiveness of the implemented transformations.

  Galiya, one of the authors of the Digital Resources for teaching English, teaches English city and area teachers how to work with the British Council's electronic resources by conducting trainings and presentations.

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