Center of Excellence

Interactions of teaching communities in the development of teacher research skills


Barambayeva Karlygash Aytbayevna,
coordinator Karasu Leading school,
Karasu district

In accordance with the theme of the Leading school "Improving the quality of the educational process through the introduction of new pedagogical and information and communication technologies," an Interactive platform on the theme: "Internet technology as a means of supporting the educational process within the criteria – based assessment system was held in «Karasu secondary school” SI

During the work of the Interactive platform, one of the priority topics: "Internet technologies as a means of supporting the educational process within the criteria-based assessment system" was discussed. The purpose of the Interactive platform: providing teachers of Partner schools with tools of Internet technologies for effective use in the assessment process, generalization and exchange of experience.

The effectiveness of zonal platforms for teachers is the exchange of experience, cooperation, dissemination of their teaching practices, communication on professional topics. In conclusion all activities were summed up with the help of online service Google Forms, online reflection was held.

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