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Kalmakhanova Aigul Bazarbaevna

Калмаханова Айгуль Базарбаевна 28.03.2017 Kalmakhanova Aigul Bazarbaevna
Place of work: Zhambyl region, Zhambyl district, school named after B.Besbaeva
Teacher of Russian language and literature, trainer
Category: high
2015 finished courses of trainers in the context of the updated curriculum for comprehensive school education in the Republic of Kazakhstan and courses of trainers of criteria based assessment.
Length of service: 19 years
Kalmakhanova Aigul Bazarbaevna – teacher and trainer who always searches for new in her way of teaching.
In Almaty, the 28th of March took place Republican competition of video lessons fragments consider to the theme: “Single text book for the 1st grade: Study playing”. Organizers of the competition were publishing house “Almaty Press” and “Express Publishing” supported by Ministry of Education. In accordance with the programme of updated curriculum for comprehensive school education in the Republic of Kazakhstan 2016-2017 all schools are involved in learning Kazakh, Russian an English languages from the 1st grade. That’s why the main aim of that competition was to identify and popularize innovative pedagogical experience of our teachers and to form recourse bank of effective lessons (video lessons fragments) in learning foreign languages for the 1st grade. Competition was evaluated by the work of the teachers based on the programme of updated content of secondary education and innovative reformation of studying and learning foreign languages practice in the goal of forming secondary students’ functional literacy. The teachers from different part of Kazakhstan participated in that competition. Teachers from Zhambyl region actively took part and won: 1st place - A.B.Kalmakhanova - teacher of Russian language and literature from school named after Baimyrza Besbaev (Zhambyl district), 2nd place- G.Gasanova- teacher of English language from school-gymnasium №7 (Taraz city),S. Nichaeva – a winner in the nomination “English language is for the 1st grade”- teacher of English language from school named after G.Muratbaev (Baizak district), G Kuatbekova- a winner in the nomination “Teacher of Kazakh language is the main teacher of school”- teacher of Kazakh language from school-lyceum №1 (T.Ryskulov district) and teacher of English language M. Alimzhanova got a thank-you note, school-gymnasium №7 (Taraz city).


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