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Eligbayeva Aigul Mamyrbekovna


Specialty: teacher of informatics
Place of work: Almaty region, Karasai district, Secondary school named after Altyn auyl with preschool mini-center
Experience of work: 19 years
Category: higher
Scientific degree: Master of Science in Natural Sciences
Educational establishments:
1. Almaty State University named after Abay, physics and mathematics faculty, specialty "computer science", bachelor in 1992-1996
2. Master of Science of Natural Science (specialty: "Informatics"), Master of International Science of Kazakh-Turkish University named after Khoja Akhmet Yassawi in 2012-2014.
The main principle of the teacher is based on the constructive theory of learning to master digital resources using interactive methods, algorithmic abilities of thinking and information culture of the student, to form education, knowledge and skills of instruction.
After passing Level 1 (advanced) courses Programme in 2014 Aigul Mamyrbekovna supervised the school pedagogical network community “Zerde”. In the field of level courses, she directs and conducts very fruitful work among teachers.
Her mentees, the teacher of the Kazakh language and literature K. Shulbaeva was awarded with a nomination "Teacher of the Year 2014" in the regional competition and "Teacher of the Year-2015” in the regional competition, Zh. Nurmanova the math teacher took 1 st place in the contest "Teacher of the Year 2016". In addition, the primary school teacher V. Dyachenko took the 1-st place in the regional contest "The Best Teacher of Physical Education" and her mentee A. Akhmetov was awarded the nomination "The best author's program". These are her merit.

The courses: The certificate of the tier program Level I (advanced) Taldykorgan, CoE, 2014;
"The content and methodology of teaching computer science of the updated program of education in 5th -grade" regional Center for the Use of Information Technologies in the Learning Process;
The training seminar on “How to use language labs, multimedia program pattern during training” regional Center for the Use of Information Technologies in the Learning Process;
Educational Programme for in – service training of pedagogical staff on the elective course “Robotics” Taldykorgan, CoE 2016;
Educational Programme for in – service training of pedagogical staff of comprehensive schools” Reflection on Practice” Taldykorgan, CoE 2016;

Participation in competitions: She participated in Regional contest and was awarded "The Best Teacher of Informatics" in 2015, also she was the winner of the regional and republican contest "The best teacher-2015". Her author's educational and methodological manual "The English Language Algorithm in the Computer World" took the І-place at the 2nd Republican Pedagogical Readings in the direction "Technology of the Educational Process as a Resource for Updating the Content of School Education" and was awarded with the Diploma in Pavlodar in 2016.

Now, with the guidance of the trainer of the branch of CoE Kazygulova Gauhar. she conducts school action research on the theme: "Constructive commentary is a method of increasing student responsibility for his own learning.
Awards: She was awarded the title and the badge.of "Best Teacher 2015" of the Republic.

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