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Bibigul Erbalukova

26.04.2017 She is a teacher of chemistry and biology in school No. 30 in Aktobe, a certified teacher of the first (advanced) level.
Bibigul Erbalukova is able to organize her work and the activity of her students for achieving learning objectives. She develops children’s interest in chemistry and biology, achieves good results in training and educating students, establishes collaboration and creates ways of joint activities with students, provides objective pedagogical assessment. She uses new methods and technologies in her teaching.

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Among teachers of chemistry Bibigul holds a special place. She always imparts experience, conducts open lessons, performs as a speaker at republican, regional and city seminars and conferences. She is a lecturer at training courses according to innovative and international programs for teachers of schools of the Republic, area and city.
Her students have numerous prizes in chemistry Olympiades and competitions of scientific projects at city, regional, republican and international levels. It is the result of her high creative potential and work.
Since 2000 Bibigul Kaziyevna has been the head of a regional center "Zhas Daryn" at school No. 30, which works according to 3 international projects: Odyssey of the Mind, Debate and Globe.
During 2015-2016 the teams of the ZHAS DARYN center repeatedly became prize-winners of city, regional and republican tournaments and contests. At Republican festivals of 2016 and 2017 the ZHAS DARYN center of school No. 30 became the owner of the cup "Kazakhstan Champion".
Bibigul Erbalukova and her pupils repeatedly became prize-winners of the international intellectual and creative festival "Odyssey of the Mind" at European and world levels. In 2015 the «Nysana» team became the participant of the international Debate tournament which took place at the university of Süleyman Demirel in Almaty.


Bibigul was awarded for her work more than once. In 2016 she became the owner of the medal "For Work in the Professional Sphere". She was awarded by the diploma of І degrees at the International scientific and practical conference which took place on 25-26 February 2016 in Moscow. She is the winner of the Republican competition "The Best Teacher-2016".


On December 26-27, 2016 in the city of Warsaw she participated in the conference "Comparative Analysis of the European Education System on the example of the Republic of Poland KINDERGARTEN-SCHOOL- HIGER EDICATION" and won the cup "The best report-2016”

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