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Learning to control and manage emotions

The ability to manage emotions helps to build healthy relationships in the team. How can we learn to manage our emotions? On April 2 a webinar was held for employees of the autonomous organization of education "Nazarbayev Intellectual schools" as part of a corporate training. During the webinar techniques of emotional self-regulation were discussed.

Trainers of the Center of Pedagogical Excellence Idrisheva Z.E., Kamalova S.T., Matorina E.A. and Dzhansugirova Zh.D. together with the participants analyzed effective ways of managing emotions in an interactive format. They showed the significance of positive emotions for a good teamwork by means of practical exercises.

More than 500 employees have been trained. The participants were given valuable advice and recommendations on how to control their own emotions and maintain physical health for positive relationships in the professional sphere.

 02.04.2021     450

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