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Relevant and useful. Webinar "Emotional Culture: How to Recognize Your Emotions?"

At present, it is impossible to do without techniques of awareness of emotional experience. «Emotional culture: how to recognize your emotions?» the first of a series of webinars on the topic "Emotional Culture" was held on February 26 as part of corporate training for employees of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools AEO.

Emotional intelligence is one of the key conditions for achieving success. The trainers of the Center of Excellence Kamila Asypovna Kuzembaeva and Raikhan Dauletkhanovna Abylgazina in Kazakh language, Vladimir Slavdievich Pak and Zaure Turegalievna Kashkenova in Russian language talked about how emotional culture affects the performance of an organization. An interactive work on self-diagnostics of the participants was carried out and such questions as how to recognize our own emotions, how to manage them, understanding the emotions of others and building effective activities were analyzed in details.

About 1000 participants attended the interactive webinar. Involvement in discussion and expression of opinions about emotions and feelings allowed the participants to understand the process of forming the emotional climate in the team.

Well-planned webinars provided a lot of useful information. The participants expressed their gratitude and highly appreciated the work of the trainers.

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