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On January 30, 2021, a regional macro-project for young teachers of Leading schools "Zhas Kanat"was launched in Aktobe.

The initiator of this macro project is the Center of Excellence branch in Aktobe. The initiative was supported and actively implemented by the Department of Education of Aktobe region. The macro project involves young teachers of Leading schools with work experience from 0 to 3 years. In total, it involves more than 850 young people of the region. A week before the start of the project, a challenge "Why have I become a teacher?" was launched among young teachers in the region. 

In total, about 600 participants were registered. The welcome speech was presented to the head of the Department of Education of the Aktobe region Lyazzat Urazbaeva. She emphasized the mission of the teacher and the values of this profession. 

Muammer Gul, who prepared more than 2,500 winners of international Olympiads and competitions and made his name in the Guinness Book, participated in the activity of the forum “Masters”. The teacher shared the secrets of his success and skill and expressed warm wishes to the young teachers. The winner of the competition of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Best Teacher 2018" and the nominee for the Global Award "Teacher of the World" - Zhumabekov A. S. continued the work of the platform with his profound speech. 

The three-year program of the macro-project "Zhas Kanat" was also presented at the forum. The project is aimed at supporting the teaching youth.

At the end of the forum, the director of the Center of Excellence branch in Aktobe Tavilya Akimova made a speech. She expressed confidence that the project will be accepted by the youth of the Leading schools of the region, that it will help thousands of young professionals to become Teachers. 

The forum ended with a "parade of future stars". This moment created the effect of belonging to a single goal for a huge audience. And it was symbolic, because the macro project itself embodied the content nurturing of a new generation of teachers in the region. 

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