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Regional forum of young teachers in Kokshetau

Within the framework of the Year of Youth, on November 22, 2019, the II Regional Forum of Young Educators was held in Kokshetau with the participation of trainers of the Center of Excellence of the Kokshetau branch.

The purpose of the Forum is to increase the professional skills of young teachers, to assist in overcoming professional difficulties. Center of Excellence trainers conducted the intensive training on the topic: “Criteria assessment: work inside the Black Box”. The work was carried out in four training sites, where each participant, working in small groups, deepened knowledge on the components of formative assessment. In the course of joint activities, teachers were able to draw up an algorithm for the implementation of goal setting, formulate conclusions about the importance of applying feedback, developing questions and choosing effective tools for self and peer-assessment in the learning process. The forum participants in their feedback noted the effectiveness of this format, since mutual training allowed them to get answers to their questions and became a platform for the exchange of experience.

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