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Regional forum of the Heads of secondary schools "Leadership in terms of updated content of education" in Zhambyl region

On November 14-15, 2019, a branch of the Center of Pedagogical Excellence in Taraz, together with the NIS PMN of Taraz and the Regional Methodological administration, organized and held the regional forum of directors of secondary schools “Leadership in the conditions of updating the content of education”. The forum was attended by 250 directors of secondary schools, employees of the regional administration and district departments of education. The aim of the forum was to improve the professional skills of school leaders in the context of updating the content of education. During the forum, an exhibition was organized at which the experience of the regional educational organizations was presented.

         On the first day of the forum on November 14, 2019, in order to identify and popularize the best work experience within the framework of updating the content of education among the Leading schools of the Zhambyl region, the regional contest "The Best Leading School" was held.

    The competition was aimed at:

- creating conditions for the dissemination of advanced pedagogical experience in organizing and supporting the effective work of the leading schools of the region;

- expanding the range of professional communication of teachers in the region.

    At the competition was the protection of the business card “We are a community!”. The participants presented their professional creed, an original creative portrait of the best Leading school, the name, motto, mission and significance of the Leading school's work to update the content of education. Then, the Leading Schools defended projects on the topic: “An Effective Model of the Leading School Community”, at which they presented the community work system and the results of joint experience.

     The competition also assessed how participants answered questions from opponents, laconicism and reasoned answers, goodwill towards the audience, and professional-speech culture. At the end of the competition, the jury determined the winners and nominees of the competition.

      In accordance with the program of the forum, on the second day of November 15, 2019, the head of the Education Department of the Zhambyl Region Turmakhanbetova R.S., the rector of the Taraz State Pedagogical University, Doctor of Economics, Professor Amirbekuly E., the head of the Department of Methodological work of the Center of Pedagogical Excellence Entina I.L.

       At the forum, organized by the trainers of the branch, D.K. Berdibekova and A.S. Toktaganova, the dialogue platform "Innovative ideas in the practice of Leading schools", directors of Leading schools of the region shared their work experience.

    Then the forum went into the facilitation session "How to help develop a school development plan?" Trainers of the Center of Pedagogical Excellence Zholdasbaeva Sapura and Nugerbaev Tolegen held a 3-hour session on the development of a school development plan, identifying priorities and drawing up step-by-step actions when working on a school development plan. The forum participants noted the high effectiveness of training and the possibility of timely methodological support of professional trainers. In the Feedback Sheets, the participants showed that the forum, which gave them the opportunity to exchange experiences, was a success.

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