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The new project of the Сenter of Еxcellence on implementing new strategies for pedagogical colleges

In September 2, 2019 in the frame of the project “Modernization of the content of education and organization of educational process in Higher Pedagogical College named after Zh. Dosmukhamedov”, Center of Excellence has begun training of academic staff of college on “Primary Education” specialty.

Center of Excellence developed more than 90 programmes of in-service training of college academic staff on substantive, general humanitarian, comprehensive and special disciplines.

The main result of the trainings should be increasing of professional skills of the staff, as well as achieving of a new professional knowledge on training future teachers within the implementing updated content of education.

Workshops and master classes, conducted by the trainers of the Center of Excellence, allow teachers improve the skills of developing curriculum, lesson plans on disciplines based on new approaches in the frame of credit-modular system.

Also, these days, at the initiatives of the Center of Excellence the project “My start to the profession” was organized for the 1st year students, directed to the formation of motivating them in gaining knowledge about teaching profession, successful self-realization in modern school.

Five-day course will be conducted by the trainers of the Center of Excellence and presented as cycle of sessions, including interactive training courses, actual mini lectures, reflexive discussions. Campus tour to the Nazarbayev Intellectual school of Physics and Mathematics in Uralsk within the topic “My school of future” occupies a special place in this course. Along with the excursion to the school, students will be the participants of training on team-building, role play “My professional credo. Future. Career”, they also can take part in master classes of teachers.

Five-day course will be a fascinating journey to the students that involve them to the interesting and actual fields of knowledge and competencies, that they should gain in future. The topics of the sessions include the following questions, as: “Z Generation- what are we?”, “How and what should we learn in XXI century?”, “The best techniques of self-education”, “Academic honesty”, “How to work with information?”, “Leadership of students is the leadership of teachers” and others.

Teaching practice of students has undergone a serious modernization, that makes them closer to the school. New approaches in developing the programme of teaching practice are based on its recognition as a key component of future teachers’ preparations.

According to the updated programme, training hours, allocated to the practice in school, were doubled. If in earlier years, in traditional form of training teaching practice were presented as fragmented set of topical practices, that did not allow students achieve a holistic understanding of the process of their future activity, that is no longer so. New format of teaching practice considers it as a system of steps, each of which directed to the formation of united results through gradual building of skills and deeper immersion into real professional activities.

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