In 13-14th of August of 2019, at the base of branch of AEO “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” “International school of Astana”, a section meeting for 30 aviation schools’ pedagogues in the framework of Republican forum for staff of education and science “Global values and quality of Kazakhstani education and science” was conducted.

60 principals of aviation schools, 143 teachers of primary classes, AEO “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” staff took part.In the plenary part of the meeting the discussion about the outcomes of 30 aviation schools throughout 4 years, results of diagnostic assessment of aviation and control school students, professional development of pedagogues during the period of approbation of the upgraded content of education, and perspectives of integrating systems of criterial assessment was held.

Trainers of Center of Excellence conducted seminars about the approaches in teaching subjects such as “Kazakh Language”, “Literature reading”, “Mathematics”, “Knowledge of the World”, “Science”, short-term and long-term planning, applying new pedagogic approaches and strategies in a teaching practice. For the principals of the schools, “How to achieve high performance for each student” and “Supervision of the lesson. Analyzing the supervision of the lesson” seminars were conducted.

During the second day of the section meeting, participants visited the exposition “Panorama of the best practices: presentation of 30 aviation school teacher teams”. Aim of the exposition: exchanging an experience of pedagogic staff of aviation schools in accordance with the results of approbation of upgraded content of secondary education.

Facilitated session on topic “Aviation school: results of the work throughout 4 years and perspectives” was organized by the trainers of Center of Excellence Nugerbayev T.K., Mukutov T.K., Aidossova T.K., Ultanbayeva S.E. In the work of session 203 teachers and principals of schools, participants of the approbation of an upgraded content of education took part.

In the feedback, participants highlighted the demand for facilitated sessions, relevance of choosing topic, that affected determining objectives and tasks for further work in a new academic year.

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