On June, 27-28, 2019, the regular meeting of the Republican Educational and Methodological Council (REMC) in the field of secondary education "Features of the organization of methodological support of the educational process" was held. The meeting participants discussed the work plan of the REMS for 2019 and the main objectives for improving the professional skills of methodologists. The meeting was organized by the Department of Preschool and Secondary Education of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan, the National Academy of Education named after I. Altynsarin, the Department of Education of the Akimat of North Kazakhstan Region, the Center for Methodical Work and Information Technologies in Education of the Akimat of North Kazakhstan Region and the Center of Excellence of AEO “Nazarbayev Intellectual schools ”(CoE). Methodists of the country discussed the features of the organization of the educational process in 2019-2020 school year, the issues of organizing REMC expert council, features of the Model curricula of the updated educational content and aspects of new subjects introduction. Within the framework of the REMC, a training facilitated session was held by the trainers of the Center of Excellence of Nur-Sultan, Sapura Zholdasbaeva and Farida Zhunussova on the theme “How to help develop a school development plan?”. During the sessions, participants analyzed their own skills and abilities to develop a school development plan and were able to identify areas for individual professional development. Methodologists discussed the step-by-step algorithm for developing a School Development Plan (SDP) and ranked their skills according to the degree of complexity in compiling each of the stages. Further, the country's methodologists defined the problem issues of school practice based on the voices of the “student”, “teacher” and “parent community” and formulated the priority development of school practice based on the results of the audit analysis, as well as practiced the skills of developing criteria for evaluating the implementation of SDP. Employees of the branch of the Center of Excellence in Petropavlovsk took an active part in the session as co-trainers. The work of the CoE trainers got a high professional assessment of the country's methodologists.
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