Summer language school "Summer English School for Teachers" for subject teachers of secondary schools of Republic of Kazakhstan

From June 10 to June 14, 2019, the Summer Language School "Summer English School for Teachers" is held throughout the country on the basis of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools for 648 teachers of physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, who passed 10 months English language courses and learned teaching methods and technologies, based on the communicative approach. This school was created with the purpose of methodical support to teachers who studied English for 10 months and from 2018 will begin teaching their subjects in English.

Throughout the year, trainers of the Center of Excellence provided seminars, master classes on actual problems, as well as observation of the lessons. Summer Language School is continued work on the given direction that is aimed at additional assistance and  methodological support for teachers.

The program of the Summer Language School is aimed at improving 4 competences (speaking, listening, reading and writing), in planning of effective lesson using CLIL approach format through active teaching methods. Lessons of the Language School are conducted by Nazarbayev Intellectual schools native and international teachers of physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, English jointly with the trainers of the Center of Excellence and its branches.

Teachers of Consortium that was chosen from  the best language schools of the republic will conduct 4 sessions directed at consideration of the following professional questions in learning language:

-         Overcoming languages barriers through communicative exercises;

-         Developing listening and speaking skills as the basis for cooperation at the lessons;

-         Functional use of language;

-         Developing of key tenses necessary during the lesson.

Trainers of the Center of Excellence provided advisory and methodological assistance in organizing effective teaching of the Summer School Program.

Also, during the Annual August Conference of the teachers of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Dialogue Platform” will ne organized. During the conference teachers will discuss challenges and perspectives of teaching subjects in English, as well as sharing experiences on implementing teaching of core subjects on English  in secondary schools.

All  participants will receive certificates of the Summer Language School.

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