В копилку тренера….

In the period from December 12th to 15th, 2016, there was a training for the employees of the Center of Excellence and its branches. The theme of the training was “Trainer as a profession and conscious choice”. It was conducted with the support of “Chevron” company and by the best trainers of the agency “Renaissance” of Almaty city Svetlana Krutskikh and Anna Zinoviyeva.

The training program included two main modules:

1)    System model of the training;
2)    Methodology of the training development.

The principles of teaching adults, the structure and basic methods of the training and the group dynamics were considered during the first module. The second module was aimed at deepening the practical knowledge referred to the study of specific techniques and new interactive technologies, such as:

·        Stories and metaphors in training;
·        Mini-lecture in the process of formation of new knowledge and skills;
·        Demo version skills;
·        Facilitation as an approach;
·        “ORID” technique;
·        “Me. We. Us” technique;
·        “CAEN/IR2".

To consolidate the received information the participants of the training conducted practical exercises, role-playing and business games, discussions in the situation “here and now”. The participants were very active working individually, in pairs and small groups. They discussed in details the ideas that arose during work, raised questions, which they were interested in, drew conclusions concerning the techniques and technologies of training, did reflection based on the process and the results obtained and developed their own exercises, which were very original and interesting. Sixteen trainers of the Center of Excellence and its branches got an additional opportunity to enhance their professional skills and acquire practical skills for planning and conducting trainings. 

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