"Учимся учиться по-новому", говорят студенты Актюбинского педагогического колледжа

On December 7, 2016 Center of Excellence branch in Aktobe and  Aktobe humanitarian college held a practical seminar "Changes in professional education - time demand". The aim of the seminar is the organization of experience exchange among certified trainers of humanitarian college and Aktobe regional state university for the purepose of implementation of the key ideas of the level programs in training future teachers.

At plenary meeting the participants of the seminar were acquainted with the plans of the COE branch  updating of content of education and plans for the future. The teacher of college of special disciplines Buribayeva N. D. made the report on the subject "Ways of Implementation of the Ideas of-level Programs in Professional and Technical Education".

In the practical part the participant attended open lessons, master-classes on teaching methods and critical thinking. The future teachers who are first and second year students now learn to study in a new way, so as to train their future grades in a new way.

The feedback from the participants of the seminar revealed the practical value of the seminar. The teachers of the university stated the importance of such joint actions in strengthening professional cooperation between two educational institutions, ensuring succession between the special and higher educational institutions in preparation of pedagogical personnel. 

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