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Журнал «Педагогический диалог» №2 (2021 год)


   The issue of the journal “Pedagogical Dialogue” presented to the attention of the reader was published under the project “The Education in a New Reality” and dedicated to the 180th anniversary of the great educator, scholar and ethnographer Ibrai Altynsarin. His works entered the golden fund of the history of the Kazakh people, leaving a rich heritage for subsequent generations.

   In the rubric “The Harmony of I. Altynsarin's Ideas with Modernity” articles discuss I. Altynsarin's activities as the first Kazakh teacher, who first opened schools in Kazakhstan and the first education thinker. The educational ideas of I. Altynsarin, inquiries of his pedagogical heritage are reflected in the works of our authors.

   The rubric “Values and School Culture” discusses the issues of values that guide each man through the life and their relevance contributes to the maintenance of self-education and self-study, the enhancing of professional capabilities, the improvement of personal, social, moral and spiritual qualities. This journal will be interesting to readers with a variety of approaches to these issues.

Research conducted by scholars and educationalists from Kazakhstan, Great Britain, Russia, India, Egypt and New Zealand will present a new look at the education development, the fundamental values and culture of the school of the future. 

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