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Журнал «Педагогический диалог» № 2 (2020 год)


This issue of the journal “Pedagogical dialogue” is devoted to the topic of distance learning, which today has become a trend in modern education. In the context of the global crisis, more than one hundred and sixty countries, including Kazakhstan, are in the mode of a global educational experiment and are forced to switch to a distance learning format. This innovation objectively caused a great resonance in society and became the subject of research presented by the authors in the issue of the journal. Readers may be interested in issues related to advantages and disadvantages of distance education in Kazakhstan, the problems of the effectiveness of webinars as tools for online learning, reviews of new professions that are relevant in the digital era, as well as the results of studies by scholars from Kazakhstan, the UK and Palestine, about the features of distance education in these countries. On the pages of the journal, each teacher can also get acquainted with the experience of teaching school subjects with a distance format presented by Kazakhstani colleagues.

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