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Журнал «Педагогический диалог» № 1 (2020 год)

27.07.2020 This issue of the journal is dedicated to the topic of «Emotional Intelligence». The authors of the articles consider the advantages of emotional intelligence, methods for the development of its components, aimed at improving interpersonal relationships, physical and emotional health, and the level of self-awareness. Maintaining a successful and healthy lifestyle with a clear life goal makes emotional intelligence worthy of the attention of the global pedagogical community. The journal presents the results of scientific studies and reviews of scholars and teachers from Kazakhstan, United States of America, India, Egypt, Hong Kong, Italy, Russia, Belarus and Uzbekistan on the issues of nurturing talent, preventing adolescent anxiety, developing divergent thinking, social and emotional skills of teachers and students. Articles about practical experience of promoting emotional education in a primary school, the formation of an emotional culture in the classroom via the integration of subjects are posted.

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