Center of Excellence


Based on the results of observing online lessons of teachers from leading schools, the Center of Excellence held a series of webinars to provide methodological support to teachers.

For three days, from 24 to 26 February 2021, more than 700 teachers completed online training on the following topics: "Formative Assessment", "Involvement of All Students in Active Learning", and "Feedback in Distance Learning". During the webinars teachers with a great interest took part in practical work on the design of active learning and shared their experience in organizing effective distance teaching.

Based on the results of extensive joint work at the webinars, the participants provided feedback, noting the relevance and value of the events held and emphasizing the possibility of getting answers to the questions of interest, expressed their willingness to apply this knowledge and skills in their own practice. At the same time, teachers indicated the demand for such methodological topics as the use of ICT tools in the classroom, the use of effective methods and techniques of distance learning in the context of subjects of natural-mathematical direction.

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