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Meeting of the Chairperson of the Board of AEO "Nazarbayev Intellectual schools" K. N. Shamshidinova with course participants

In 25 February 2020 the Chairperson of the Board of AEO “Nazarbayev Intellectual schools” K.N. Shamshidinova had a meeting with 250 principals of secondary organizations, studying on the in-service training courses of the Center of Excellence.

Kulyash Nogatayevna told about changes in the labour market and noted the necessity of appropriate changes in the system of education in order to train people to the job in new realities. In addition, she presented the results of PISA, ICILS, PIAAC international studies, defining new assignments to the system of education. She noted that pedagogical beliefs, values and moral guidelines are the base to the formation of the teacher’s professional potential.

In the meeting, she also discussed primary trends of the education in the near future: personalization of the learning process, taking into account the unique characteristics of students, a flexible mechanism for organizing the learning process, virtual infrastructure and the provision of sustainable education.

Kulyash Nogatayevna emphasized the importance of developing the ability to generate ideas as a stock that will not undergo inflation and will always be in demand.

In addition, Kulyash Nogatayevna answered to several questions from principals about the state of rural schools’ development, the process of implementation of the education content update, the importance to learn PISA questions and the organizing of in-service training courses for teachers’ teams.

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