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The final season of the project "Vacation school for teachers" in Aktobe

The four-year project "Vacation school for teachers" has completed its work during the autumn holidays of the 2019-2020 academic year. This project has been carried out by a joint plan of the Aktobe scientific and practical center, Center of Excellence branch and Nazarbayev Intellectual school in Aktobe and was necessitated by the need to provide guidance to a teacher in connection with the implementation of the updated curriculum. Within the framework of this project, more than 50 seminars were held for 5,400 participants on the themes defined according to the needs of teachers and the demands of the time.

The continuation of this work will be the project "Mobile aid to the teacher ".     

The final season of the project was presented in the framework of the trilingualism program on the theme "CLIL as a modern format of the English language and subject integration" on the basis of cluster districts of Kobda, Khromtau and Mugalzhar. The seminars hosted 283 content teachers from 12 districts of Aktobe region.

The participants improved their language skills and got an opportunity to communicate in English during master classes conducted by the English teachers, the alumni of the “English language specialist program”. Teachers of Nazarbayev Intellectual school of Aktobe shared their experience of the use of English in Physics, Biology, Computer science and Chemistry classes within the updated content of education.

 05.11.2019     1317

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