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Aktobe hosted a seminar in the framework of Republican educational and methodical Council

On October 18, 2019, a training seminar was held in Aktobe as part of the extended meeting of the Republican educational and methodical Council. The event was organized by the Center of Excellence. There were 148 methodists from 14 regions of the country and the cities of Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Shymkent.

The theme of the seminar: "Topical issues of criteria based assessment".

The purpose of the seminar was to improve the skills of methodologists in providing support for school teachers in the application of criteria-based assessment.

Starting from the first moments, the participants were immersed in the theme of the seminar: blitz surveys, a lot of panels for coloring, videos on TV monitors introduced them to the concept of "assessment ".

The 8-hour workshop consisted of a facilitation session on the aspects of formative assessment, two workshops and a reflective session. The first session armed the participants with tools to analyze the lesson with a focus on formative assessment.

The distinctive feature of this seminar was the participation of methodologists in the role of students in mock lessons, which were conducted by trainers of the Center of Excellence. A total of 12 lessons were offered in different subjects, including mathematics, physics, history, primary classes, biology, art, chemistry, Kazakh language. In the subsequent discussion of these lessons, the methodists very successfully applied the skills acquired at the previous facilitation session.

The third session revealed the organization of the process of summative assessment and also aroused the keen interest of the participants.

The results of the session were presented in TED-x format by speakers from each region. They noted the high practical importance, interesting format and clear organization of the event, as well as coordinated team work of the trainers of the Center of Excellence branch in Aktobe.

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