Center of Excellence

Quality Assurance Policy of the Private Entity “Center of Excellence”

Quality Assurance Policy of the Private Entity «Center of Excellence»

1. Introduction

1.1 This Quality Assurance Policy of the Private Entity «Center of Excellence» (hereinafter referred to as the CoE) is developed in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «On Education», the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «On the Status of Nazarbayev University», «Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools» and «Nazarbayev Foundation», normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in education and science, the Development Strategy of the Autonomous Educational Organisation «Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools», approved by the Higher Board of Trustees on April 18, 2013, CoE Charter and other normative documents regulating its activities.

1.2 The Quality Assurance Policy includes CoE Mission and Vision, strategic objective and tasks, principles and values underlying its activities, general vision for the development of skills of teachers and heads of educational organisations.

1.3 The Quality Assurance Policy is aimed at implementing CoE strategic objective and tasks in the field of further education, improving the professional development of teachers and heads of educational institutions, ensuring high competitiveness of the CoE in the domestic and foreign educational services market.

1.4 The Quality Assurance Policy is adopted by the meeting of the Methodological Council and approved by the order of the CoE Director.

2. Mission

2.1 Use the best home and world experience, human resources and methodological resources to organize a continuous professional development of teachers in order to improve education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

3. Vision

3.1 Be the top organization on the matters of the teachers’ professional development in the Republic of Kazakhstan and actively promote services on the international level.

4. Strategic objective

4.1 Development and formation of an efficiently functioning CoE model as the leading centre for generating knowledge and innovations in the field of education and science, accumulating and transmitting the best domestic and foreign pedagogical theories and best practices for providing systematic and continuous professional development of teachers and heads of educational organisations.

5. Strategic tasks

5.1 Ensuring the qualitative growth of professional qualifications and competence of teachers and heads of educational organisations.

5.2 Providing the process of professional development of teachers and heads of educational organisations with methodological support, innovative teaching and methodological tools.

5.3 Promoting the achievement of high efficiency and quality of education and training in the educational institutions of the country.

5.4 Formation and continuous functioning of professional networks of teachers and heads of educational organisations.

5.5 Provision of effective, high-quality and competitive educational services in educational programmes of in-service training courses for teachers and heads of educational institutions at the national and international levels.

5.6 Improvement of organisational and pedagogical support for the introduction of pedagogical experience of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools and CoE into practice of the educational system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

5.7 Development and strengthening of cooperation with well-known and recognised international organisations of education and science.

6. Basic principles of activities and values

6.1 In its activities, CoE is guided by the following principles:

1) legality

CoE carries out its activities in strict accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Acts of the President and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, other regulatory legal acts, as well as the CoE Charter;

2) patriotism

service of CoE trainees and employees for the benefit of Kazakhstan society, a modern prosperous state;

3) tolerance

openness for all regardless of ethnicity, gender, citizenship, social status and physical condition;

4) equality

provision of equal conditions regardless of origin, social, official and property status, sex, race, nationality, language, place of residence or any other circumstances;

5) transparency

CoE provides reliable information on activities, including its financial situation, CoE management structure, free access to information for all interested parties, with the exception of information constituting classified information or other secret protected by law;

adherence to the processes of transparency in the development of educational programmes for professional development courses, training and professional development of training staff, monitoring studies of course training and post-coursesupport;

6) academic freedom

CoE independence in the development and selection of educational programmes, forms and methods for implementing educational activities, areas of research;

7) integration of education, science and production

inseparability of an educational process from scientific and practical activities in educational organisations, ensuring strategic partnership with organisations of science and entrepreneurship;

8) innovativeness

constant aspiration to use the newest forms, methods and technologies, readiness of application of new knowledge and information;

9) autonomy and self-management

CoE disintegration and independence in financial and economic, administrative management, decision-making and autonomy in resolving issues that are in its competence in combination with responsibility and accountability to the society;

10) collegial decision-making

making decisions related to CoE activities;

11) social responsibility and transparency

CoE participation in socially significant projects with the aim of improving the welfare of society, ensuring openness of information in the areas of its activities;

providing an independent external evaluation of the ongoing educational programmes of professional development courses.

6.2 CoE values that underpin its work:

1) patriotism, team commitment and tolerance;

2) legitimacy and social accountability;

3) team-spirit and distributed leadership;

4) innovative practice; orientation to science and practice;

5) transparency of all procedures;

6) collaboration, cooperation and partnership;

7) integration of education, science and practice.

6.3 CoE administrative and management apparatus, employees and trainees are committed to the principles of the Quality Assurance Policy, promote the real integration of science, education and practice, bear mutual responsibility for their implementation.