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Zukhra Idrisheva

Senior manager of Methodological Work Department, PE “Center of Excellence”


1.      Semipalatinsk State Pedagogical Institute

Qualification: teacher of English

2.      Kazakh humanitarian-law innovative university

Qualification: economist

3.      “Turan-Astana” University

Academic degree: Master of Pedagogical Sciences

Awards and achievements:

·         Certificate of Honor, Center of Excellence, 2015;

·         Anniversary sign in honor of the 10th anniversary of AEO “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools”, 2018.

Научная и учебно-методическая деятельность:

Manual, recommendations:

·         Handbook for teachers on the implementation of coaching and mentoring, 2014;

·         Active exercises to create a collaborative learning environment. Collection of exercises, 2015;

·         Practical handbook on conducting Action Research, 2015;

·         How to conduct effective coaching in school, 2016;

·         Lesson plans of teachers of 30 pilot schools, 2016;

·         Graphic teaching methods. Methodical recommendations, 2017;

·         Lesson Study Box, 2018.


·         “Updating the content of education is requirement of time”. Republican educational socio-political newspaper №8(45) 22nd April 2016)

·         Building a new identity of the teacher. Pedagogical dialogue №4(22), 2017;

·         21st century skills: new reality in education. Collection of articles in the framework of the IX International Scientific and Practical Conference “Education, science, innovation – the contribution of young scientists”, 2018.

Professional development or internship abroad:

·        «Action Research» workshop, Cambridge, Great Britain, 2014;

·        World Association of Lesson Studies Conference, Exeter University, Exeter, Great Britain, 2016;

World Association of Lesson Studies Conference, Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan, 2017.

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