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Kenzhegul Sagadiyeva


Kostanay State University after Baitursynov, specialty of "mathematics and physics"
Academic degree: Master of pedagogy and psychology of Kokshetau University after Myrzakhmetov
Work experience: 20 years
Qualification: teacher

Scientific and practical interests

Critical thinking, the issues of leadership and management, criterial assessment and lesson study.

Professional skills and abilities

Skills of coaching
Skills of document management system
Development and training skills
Interpersonal skills and communication
Computer skills and office equipment at the level of advanced user

Information about the advanced training

1. Training of trainers program the professional development program 3 (basic) level
2. Training of trainers on the program of in-service teacher training program 2 (main) level
3. Courses on project activities
4. Training of trainers for refresher training program for regional and school coordinators on the implementation of the system of criteria-based assessment
5. Courses for coaches according to the program updating the content of secondary education in the educational program "Physics"

Awards and achievements

In 1998 took II place among 33 schools, young teachers of physics of Kostanay;
In 2008 awarded the medal "10 жыл Астана".
In 2011awarded "Certificate of merit" by Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan


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