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Zeinoldina Gulzhan Toktarkhanovna


1999-2001. East Kazakhstan State University.

1991-1995. East Kazakhstan State University.

Academic degree: Bachelor of Geography

Work experience: 18 years

Scientific and pedagogical experience: 18 years

Qualification: teacher, bachelor of geography, teacher of Kazakh language and literature

Scientific and practical interests:

Training in the framework of the updated content of education, training of trainers

Experience of scientific and practical activity:

Study of the Lesson Study implementation processes at Nazarbayev intellectual school, East Kazakhstan

Professional skills:

High degree of responsibility, business ethics, ability to work in a team, discipline, accuracy, knowledge of languages: Kazakh - native, Russian - fluent, English - elementary level

Data on professional development and (or) professional retraining:

2016. Courses for trainers on introduction of criteria-based assessment, Kazakh language, geography in the framework of updating the content of secondary education

2015. Courses for trainers "Global perspectives and project activities".

2014. Training courses for trainers for program III (basic), second (core), I (advanced) levels.

2011. Learner-Centered Education and Principles of Management of Subject Integration" courses, Sweden, Stockholm.

2012. Distance learning "Website-teacher portfolio"; Time Management courses (Prof. Magdi Atalla); "Development of critical thinking through reading and writing" seminar (Kazakhstan Oyu Associations); "PISA-2009 results and their correlation with the cognitive process" international seminar;

 "Technigues in Teaching, Assessment & Homework Design", Global Swiss Academy.


2014-2015. Translation of the Teacher's Dictionary from Russian into Kazakh. Pedagogical dictionary. I volume. MTC, Astana

2013. "Reflection based on the practice of teaching" Pedagogical dialogue, No. 3 (5), MTC, Astana, p.130


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