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Talgat Mukutov

Senior manager

Department of methodical work

Center of Excellence


1. Karaganda State University. of the name of academician E.A. Buketov

2. Karaganda Law Academy.



- biology teacher

- lawyer


Awards and achievements:


- Diploma of the Department of Education of the Akmola region, 2001

- Diploma of the Atyrau Institute of Oil and Gas, for the high quality of organization and conduct of the UNT, 2006

- 1st place in the regional competition "IT-manager" of education in Kokshetau, 2008

- Certificate of Merit of the Mayor of Kokshetau, for his contribution to the development of education in the city, 2010, 2011, 2012

- Certificate of the Tomsk Region Education Department, for conducting a master class “Formation of the school’s mission. Features of an Effective Team ", 1st International Fair of Social and Pedagogical Innovations, 2011

- Letter of thanks from Akim of Kokshetau, 2012

- Letter of thanks "Center of pedagogical skills AEO  NIS", 2017

- Letter of thanks for the contribution to the development of metropolitan education Department of Education, Astana, 2017

- Letter of thanks from Astana Department of Education, 2018

- European Union letter of recommendation for conducting training courses for leaders of the educational organization of Turkmenistan, 2019


Scientific and educational activities:


- Author of 3 manuals:

1. Development of assessment skills in school leaders, 2016

2. Effective lesson planning, 2017

3. Development of training resources, 2018


- Developer of the online course "Active Learning Methods", 2018

- Developer of a program for a training course for heads of district and city departments, regional departments of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 2019

- Developer of the curriculum for training leaders of the educational organization of Turkmenistan, 2018-2019

- Conducting a master class "Effective learning and teaching" Institute for Advanced Studies of the Altai Territory, Barnaul, Russia, 2017



- Training “Development of communicative and managerial competencies”, AlmaU, 2017

- Seminar “TRIZ-pedagogy. Practice and theoretical foundations. Basic program ", Astana, 2017

- Seminar on the program "Subject-language integrated learning and creative writing", Astana, 2017

- Courses on the program "Research in the practice of the teacher", Astana, 2017

- Courses on the program of the Tel Aviv University entrepreneurship and start-ups "Momentum", Astana, 2017

- Seminar on the professional development program,Astana, 2017

- Seminar "Management in Education", AlmaU, 2018

- Seminar "Kazakhstan coach: experience, cooperation and perspectives", "Center of pedagogical skills of AEO NIS", 2018

- CLIL Seminar (Subject-Language Integrated Education), Astana-Cambridge, 2018

- Courses in the program "Development and examination of tasks for assessment on the subject of biology", Astana, 2018

- Seminar on the program "Professional development of teachers in preparation for international research PISA", Astana, 2018

- International certificate of a trainer on the program of advanced training course for heads of educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, 2019

- Seminar - training "Effective manager in education", AlmaU, 2019

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