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Sapura Zholdasbayeva

the trainer Centre of Excellence in Nur-Sultan city


1. Almaty State university of Abay

Qualification: teacher of physics and informatics

2. Chelyabinsk State pedagogical university (postgraduate study)

Academic degree: candidate of pedagogical sciences

Awards and achievements:

-     Winner of the regional competition "Young Teacher of Physics", 1998

-     Winner of the regional competition "Olympiad of Physics Teachers ", 2004

-     Winner of the city competition "Teacher and Computer", 2002

-     Prize-winner of the Republican festival of innovative projects, 2010.

-     The certificate of Appreciation in development and activities of CPE Institution, 2015 and AEO "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools", 2016

-          Certified coach for the Advanced Training Program for principals of educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Scientific and educational methodical activities:

Author of more than 30 scientific and methodological articles

Author of books:

1.Methodical manual "Overview of professional development systems for principals: international experience", 2013

2. Methodical recommendations "Handbook for coach in organization and holding a training within programs of professional development of pedagogical staff and principals of OO RK", 2014.

3. Methodical recommendations "As a principal can develop leadership skills, 2016

4. Collection of short-term plans of teachers of 30 pilot schools. Training in the diploma", 2016.

5. Practical recommendations "Theories and techniques of development of creative pupils' abilities", 2017.

6. Methodical recommendations "We Read Together on the Portal of Centre of Excellence" project, 2017.

7. Methodical recommendations "How to develop the effective development plan for school", 2017

8. The collection of master classes "We do it so...", 2018.

Attending and rendering methodical support to teachers in preparing of methodical books:

1. Methodical recommendations "The first step in engineering" with use of the ideas of Stem - technologies, 2018.

2. The collection of out-of-class actions "Kazakhstan, you are my cradle", 2018.

Themes of the carried-out pedagogical studies:

1. Technique of involvement of listeners of professional development in process of daily reading. 2014-2016

2. Approaches of focused observation skills’ development. 2016 - 2019.

Professional development or training abroad:

1. A training at Sussex University "Leadership in education". Great Britain, Brighton, 2013.

2. Learning seminar "Formation of school of the future: practice of exchange of innovations of a successful manual and education" London, British company "INTERCONFERENCE Ltd", 2014.

3. International conference of the World association Lesson study, Beijing, China, 2018

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