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Zhanna Baygarinova

Baigarinova Zhanna Kalymkanovna

Senior manager, Center of Excellence

city of Nur-Sultan



1.     East Kazakhstan State University named after   S. Amanzholov

2.     Semipalatinsk University named after M.Auezov

3.     “Turan-Astana” University

Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:

1.     Bachelor of Physics and Mathematics

2.     Bachelor of ICT

3.     Master of Pedagogical Sciences (Pedagogy and Psychology)

Awards and achievements:

- Grand Prix of  «The Best trainer» contest of the CoE, 2014

- Certificate of honor of the CoE, 2017

- Certificate of honor of the AEO «Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools", 2017

- Certificate of honor of the CoE, 2018

- Anniversary Medal for the 10th Anniversary of the AEO «Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools», 2018

Manual, recommendations:

-         How to measure training results?

-         Active teaching methods

-         Lesson study: from A to Z

-         How to conduct effective coaching in school?

-         How to develop a school development plan?

-         30 pilot schools: lesson plans for English teachers

-         100 active learning methods


-         "Leadership of the principal: what needs to be changed and why? », Journal “Pedagogical Dialogue”, No. 3 (9) 2014

-         "School system of teacher's professional development based on Lesson Study ", Journal “Pedagogical Dialogue”, No. 4 (18), 2016

-         Republican newspaper "Bilimdi El", "Leadership of the school director: what needs to be changed and why? », No. 9 (46) May 17, 2016

-    Author of the Lesson Study box, 2018

Professional development or internship abroad:

- Seminar "Traditions and innovations in education (module: the experience of Scandinavia in continuing education), Scandinavia, 2013

- Seminar "Academic Evaluation", Singapore, 2014

- Seminar "Formation of the School of the Future", London, 2014

- International Conference of the World Association of Lesson studies, Nagoya, Japan, 2017

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