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Turekhanova Gulshat Beisembekovna


Higher. Taldykorgan Pedagogical Institute named after I Zhansugurov

Qualification: Russian language and literature teacher

Awards and achievements:

− Chest sign "Excellence in Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan", 1995.
- Diploma for a special contribution to the development and activities of the institution in connection with the achievement of the 55th anniversary, 2015.
- Letter of appreciation from the Department of Education of Almaty region, 2017г.
- Diploma of the Autonomous Educational Organization "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools", 2018.

Scientific and educational and methodical activities:

− Author of 8 articles
− Author of 2 methodological manuals:
1. Methodological manual «Тиімді сұрақтар қою арқылы оқушылардың ойлау қабілеттерін дамыту», 2016г.
2. Methodological manual «Сабақтағы оқу әрекеттерінің нәтижелерін бағалау», 2017г.

- Author of programs of paid seminar «Табысты оқуға ықпал ететін критериалды бағалау жүйесі» 2017г.

Professional development or internship abroad:

- Training courses for professional qualifications of trainers in the framework of post-course support - Cambridge, 2014.

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