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Оnishchenko Yelena


Higher, Kostanay pedagogical institute, philological faculty, teacher of Russian language and literature. 1991
Experience: 31
Qualification: teacher

Scientific and practical interests

"A practice-oriented approach as a way of improving the professional activities of teachers within the framework of updating the content of education of Kazakhstan"

Professional skills

  • Skills of coaching
  • Development and training skills
  • Strategic planning skiils
  • Skills of self-management and self-motivation
  • Interpersonal skills and communication
  • Computer and office equipment skills at the level of advanced user

Information about the training

1. The training of trainer’s program of teaching personnel in programs 3 (basic), 2 (basic) 1 (advanced) levels
2. Formation of School of the Future. UK, London
3. Academic Assessment Workshop. Singapore
4. Training of trainers for refresher training program for heads of educational organizations of Kazakhstan
5. Training of trainers program for updating the content of secondary education language courses
6. Training of trainers for refresher training program for specialists of regional departments and district (city) departments of education and curriculum offices
7. "Coaching approach in training" (international school of business coaches ISBT)
8. "Methods workshop" (international school of business coaches ISBT )
9. Training R. Gandapas "SelfMadeMan: self-management and self-motivation"
10. Training for trainers by Zavyalova "the Secrets of Excellence"
11. Training "Innovation coaching. Advanced course"
12. The Course "Infoobraz"


1. "Formation of metacognitive skills of students through research" (Collection of materials of the International scientific-practical conference "Professional development of teachers: traditions and changes", 13-15 November 2012, Astana)
2. "Leadership as an innovative way of thinking of the modern teacher" (Proceedings of the International scientific-practical conference "Education Policy, Practice and Research", 2014)
3. Guidelines to assist the teacher "Formative assessment: self evaluation" (2014)
4. "New campaigns in teaching" (Manual for Trainers "Methodological bases of realization of professional development of teaching staff leveled RK program modules, 2015)
5. "Professional support as a way to improve the competence of the teacher" (a collection of materials of the republican scientific-practical conference named Altynsarin "Integration of teacher training and educational organizations for innovation into practice")
6. Articles in "Учительская+" regional weekly public information and educational newspaper.

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