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Syzdykbayeva Roza


1. Shymkent Pedagogical Institute;

2. Magistracy - MSTU Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology;

Specialty: biology - chemistry teacher

Degree: Master

Awards and achievements:

    - Diploma of CoE, 2016;

    - Certificate of Appreciation from the regional akim, 2017;

    - Diploma of AEO NIS, 2018;

    - Badge in honor of the 10th anniversary of AEO NIS, 2018;

    - Diploma of the MES RK, 2018.

Scientific and educational practice:

- Author of 21 articles

- Author of 2 toolkits:

 1. "From the experience of introducing Lesson Study in teaching process" AEO "NIS" Center of Excellence, Astana, 2016.

 2. "Collection of short-term plans"; AEO “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” Center of Excellence, Astana, 2019.

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