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Liliya Zhurba

Education: Kokshetau Pedagogical Institute named after Sh. Ualikhanov Qualifications: English teacher and methodologist of educational work Awards and achievements: - a letter of appreciation from the organizers of the All-Russian Distance English Olympiad "For high professionalism and active participation in organization of intellectual and creative activity of schoolchildren", 2010, 2011 - a letter of appreciation from the British Council «For active participation as an Ambassador on the British Council Connecting Classrooms Online Project in Kazakhstan 2010-2011» - a certificate of honor from the autonomous educational organization “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” “For active participation in the development of education policy, pedagogical skills and high professional achievements”, 2011 - a letter of appreciation from the Department of Education of Akmola region, 2018 - a memorable badge "In honor of the 10th anniversary of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools", 2018 Researching and educational activities: - An author of 11 articles; - An author of 7 methodological manuals: 1. “Collection of master-classes of Center of Excellence trainers”, the workshop “ICT in a modern school; application of the Google tools", 2015” 2. A methodological manual "SMART goals and success criteria", 2015 3. "Manual on work planning for the Leading Schools coordinators ", 2016 4. "Guidelines on conducting a professional competition among teachers-graduates of the multi-level program", 2016 5. "Methodological recommendations for school trainers", 2017 6. "Functional literacy of younger students: development of listening and speaking skills", 2017 7. "Guidelines for lesson planning", 2018 - The author of the distance learning program for coordinators of the Leading Schools “Implementation of formative assessment in the practice of secondary school teachers”, 2016 - The author of the seminar program for teachers-organizers, curators and teachers of extra-curriculum education of Nazarbayev Intellectual schools “Differentiation in teaching”, 2018 Professional development or internship abroad: - A training seminar "Formation of Schools of the Future", London, UK, 2013 - A professional development course for trainers of the multi-level program, Cambridge, UK, 2014 - International Conference of the World Association of Lesson Study, Exeter, UK, 2016

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