Center of Excellence

Итоги встречи организованной филиалом ЦПМ совместно с сертифицированными тренерами курсов повышения квалификации педагогических кадров основной школы

On March 31, 2017 on the base of the branch of the Centre of Excellence in Shymkent, held a Regional meeting with the trainers of The South Kazakhstan Region within updated content of the secondary schools.  The director of the branch Zhanar Kalginbayeva has informed trainers of the courses within updated content of the secondary schools with normative documents and requirements to courses. The senior managers of the branch have acquainted the trainers with a technique of teaching and a complex of methodical literature and with distributing material.

The branch director has paid special attention to specifics of training of adults, it is necessary to consider the principles of an andragogic, to develop in itself such professional skills how to train colleagues considering features of spiral program, how to develop uses of methods of effective training, to train in "Criteria assessment", to train in methods of development of research skills. And trainers will be responsible for quality of training.

The senior manager of branch Syzdykbayeva Roza has shared with her experience from training at courses. The senior manager of the branch Kadirov Dilmurat has acquainted with rules of the registration listeners on the portal. Future trainers have asked several questions concerning training which the branch director Zhanar Kalginbayeva has answered. She has also reported that the manager of branch Nurzhautov Saken will hold the training criteria assessment seminar for trainers, skilled trainers will support all during courses and to help at the solution of the arisen methodical problems.

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