Center of Excellence

Переподготовка по новым подходам в образовании

During new academic year 1, 2, 5, 7 classes will study according to the program of the updated content of education. This program provides that the child has to not only know, but also be able to use the knowledge, to apply them, to find the necessary information.

In branch of the Center of Excellence in the Karaganda city on July 21, 2017 53 listeners will finish training according to the program of professional development for the subject "English" within updating of secondary education`s content. In 2017 year 108 teachers of schools, lyceums and gymnasiums of the Karaganda region have studied according to the program.

During four weeks teachers checked new textbooks, made plans of lessons. Course preparation was resulted by high-quality transition from position the teacher who just give lesson to a position of the teacher-researcher and the experimenter. Listeners give appreciation to practical orientation of this course.

Training by new approaches in education once again proves that society develops prompt rates and demands from the teacher of flexibility, self-improvement, readiness for changes.

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