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тему «Личностно-деятельностный подход как основа организации образовательного процесса»

For regional teachers on April 12, 2018, on the basis of the Leading School № 41 named after A.S Pushkin, of the city of Taraz, a regional seminar was held on the theme "The Personal-Activity Approach as the Basis for Organizing the Educational Process" organized by the Center for Pedagogical Excellence of in Taraz. The purpose of the seminar was to provide the work experience of the school's teachers in the implementation of the personality-activity approach in the learning process, to help improve the professional competence of the region's teachers in applying the personality-activity approach. In total 41 teachers of the region and 11 teachers of the Leading school №41 took part in the seminar.
In the plenary part of the seminar, had a speech the senior manager of the CoE branch in Taraz, D.K. Berdibekova "Personal-action approach as the unity of his personal and activity components" and the director of the gymnasium № 41 named after A.S. Pushkin, Zh.M. Turebekova "Quality of knowledge is the key to teacher success".
Practical work at the seminar was organized in 2 sections. In the beginning, the trainers of the CoE branch in Taraz, D.K. Berdibekova, A.M. Naregeeva and A.Sh. Jurunova conducted trainings on the topic "Using the personality-activity approach in the learning process". Then the teacher-leaders of the Leading School №41 L.V. Tsoi and V.A. Nepsha gave master classes on the theme "Methods and techniques for activating the activities of students". At the end of the practical part of the school teachers, working in grades 5-7, conducted 6 lessons, sharing their own experience in the lessons of the personality-oriented approach.
In the final part of the seminar, the teachers filled out questionnaires and gave oral feedback on the event. Participants highly appreciated the work of the seminar, the relevance of the theme and its practical direction and accessibility.

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