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Ведущие школы в действии

On August 21, 2019 the section of the Coordinators of the Leading schools was organized within the framework of the regional August conference in the IT school-Lyceum № 28 in Taldykorgan. The purpose of the section was to improve management skills in the organization of joint activities in the framework of the interaction of Leading and Magnetic schools. The moderators of the section were G.B Turekhanova; R.B Abisheva and L. V Cherenkova, the trainers of the branch of Center of Excellence in Taldykorgan. In total, the section was attended by more than 70 people.

During the work of the section, the coordinators of Leading schools of the Almaty region took part with innovative ideas for organizing joint work with Magnetic schools. The coordinators in the format of presentations spoke about systematic work to provide methodological support, about barriers and their solutions. The conducted workshops contributed to the development of professional skills in managing joint activities within the framework of interaction between the Leading and Magnetic Schools.

The works of A. Avaliev, the coordinator of the secondary Leading school No. 2 in Kapshagai on the topic “ How to conduct Lesson Study together with Magnetic schools” and T. Solodkova, the coordinator of the secondary Leading school No. 3 in Tekeli on the topic "Professional development of teachers in the conditions of cooperation between the Leading and Magnetic schools" were noted. During the work, an exchange of experience on the use of online resources took place to create a methodological piggy Bank within the network community.

Based on the results of the section, together with A. Adilbayeva, the methodologist for innovations and experiments of the regional educational-methodical center for the development of education, a decision was made to conduct a competition for the Leading and Magnetic Schools of the Almaty Region "The Best Network Community".

In the feedback, the conference participants noted that such meetings increase motivation to disseminate best practices and provide new ideas for professional growth. The participants suggested organizing the next sectional work in the format of practical work.

In the framework of this conference, R. B Abisheva, the trainer of the branch of CoE also took part in the work of the section on the topic “The competence and creativity - the key to the effectiveness of the criteria-based assessment system” for teachers of the Russian language and literature. The purpose of the speech was to recommend the effective ways of organizing and conducting criteria-based assessment of students in the Russian language and literature.

The workshop on the topic “Development and evaluation of tasks for assessment in the Russian language” was conducted by the trainer. Despite the fact that the system of criteria-based assessment in secondary schools has been operating for more than one year, teachers feel the need to practice the acquired knowledge and exchange experience. Therefore, the work of methodological laboratories, author and pedagogical workshops were represented in the section.

The participants noted the non-traditional form of work of the section and in the feedback pointed to the need for systematical meetings with the obligatory participation of trainers of the branch of Center of Excellence.

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