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В центре внимания педагогов Акмолинской области –воспитательная работа

One of the areas of work of the Methodological Center is the organization of educational work in the context of the program “Ruhani Zhangyru”. In order to implement this direction, a series of workshops was set up for school deputy directors for educational work, class teachers, and school librarians of the Akmola region. Seminar programs had been developed to the needs of teachers and were aimed at eliminating the difficulties encountered in the work of teachers. During the seminars, the participants considered the peculiarities of the educational system of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools, the system of additional education and the methodology for conducting projects. Of particular interest was the visit to the Shanyrak Hour, where the process of interaction of students from different age classes with different languages of instruction had been demonstrated. The deputy directors of regional secondary schools gave their examples of how the NIS projects had been adapted in their native schools. Training sessions were held for school librarians on the methods of work of the teachers-librarians of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools with subject teachers and parents. The experience of teaching reading skills for students as a basis for effective learning proved to be useful. Various forms of activities within the family club of reading and interactive reading in elementary school were shown. The participants were able to practice the mini-research techniques in the classroom and the development of spatial thinking, the passive “Power of questions” and the active “Sciku” analysis techniques. The event resulted in recommendations and practical proposals developed by the participants for cooperation with the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Kokshetau in the framework of educational work. The guests of the school were noted for the content and relevance of the seminar attended.

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